Classical Greece, the myths, heroes and gods, the birthplace of the Olympics, and democracy. This area contains a labyrinth with its Minotaur, an agora for the meeting, a replica of the home of Triton, the Exedra Olympic and whole civilization of deities, demigods, warriors and philosophers.







You can’t miss them

Discover two explorers are clueless exactly where Dryads dance once a year and lives Theseus and the Titans, the show counts as Hyperion struggles confronted Zeus for the throne of Olympus.

The rides

Emotion in Synkope relentlessly, a call Titánide inverted coaster, the challenge to overcome the trials of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, vertigo, mythology and two refreshing dips (10.5 and 15 meters high) in The Clash of Triton, a wonderful views from the Icarus and an amazing journey in the 5D Cinema are just some of the emotions that live here. And for children: Alucinakis and Arriarrix.

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