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October 3, 2013

A family Halloween at Terra Mitica with tons of surprises and novelties

A family Halloween at Terra Mitica with tons of surprises and novelties

Terra Mitica gets the season underway for Halloween with a very special campaign, thought up to help you enjoy the most terrifying fun for you and your family. From 5th October to 3rd November, visitors to the Benidorm theme park will have hair-raising fun with numerous surprises throughout the complex.

Terra Mitica transforms these days from the land of Classical Mediterranean cultures into a darker, more mysterious haunt. Decoration which will bring you out in goose-bumps, with evil pumpkins, skeletons and witches, ghostly hoplites, zombie legionnaires and pirates from beyond the grave...all there to make give you an unforgettable time at Terra Mitica. Spine-chilling back-drops, Halloween theme menus and many more surprises. A fun-packed day in the underworld.


From 5th October to 3rd November, the shows at Terra Mitica are all a little darker. Visitors will see the Black Carriage, driving through the park. Inside, rides the fearsome Marquess of Ayquesusten, on the lookout for a soon-to-be, late husband. Nobody is immune to her wishes and you may be the one chosen , to hold such a sought after title. But the Marquess will not pick just anybody. To find just the right candidate, she has come up with lots of crazy tests and tasks, which are real jaw-droppers.

The bloodsuckers will take over Terra Mitica at Halloween: Lilith, Queen of the Vampires and the Queen's Regal Vampire Court are two shows for all those followers of Beelzebub. These girls will charm spectators with their sensual dancing and their delicate movements, whilst the men will show off their strength. The sweet Dryads will not remain that way forever. At Halloween, they too will show off their darker side as they become the Dark Dryads. These sweet, loveable wood fairies must not be allowed to get angry...

Pumpkin Car, the grave-digger or Trick or Treat....just some of the street shows, which will impregnate Terra Mitica with yet more Halloween horror. These strange characters will let visitors take part in countless terrifying adventures, enough to die laughing.


The madness found within the Pyramid of Cheops becomes even more disturbing. The strange dwellers inside this centuries old building are ready and waiting to spread panic like never before and bring out deafening screams of real anguish from all those brave enough to enter, in search of its secret. Only the most courageous will survive the terror waiting inside.


For Halloween 2013 Terra Mitica launches a brand new show, which only see the "light of day" when the sun goes down. This is the Court of Hell. A unique spectacle, which tells the story of a new adventure involving the Professor and young Tom, who, accidentally invoke the Evil One and his whole court. They will have to face up to each and every one of them to send them back to their underworld.

The Infernal Court is a show which brings together all artistic disciplines, such as dance, acrobatic wrestling and singing, combined with acting and airborne dancing. As well as the latest technology, which involves the spectator in the adventure to create an experience to be lived in the first person.
The great Square of Egypt is just the place to stage this wonderful horror show each night, suitable only for lovers of the unknown.


The 5 dimension cinema is one of Terra Mitica's 2013 season novelties. This brilliant attraction offers the visitor the chance to live out adventures and sensations as if in real life, without having leave the cinema. Synchronised movements, textures, odours, cold and heat, damp and depth of field, mean this 5D cinema is the star attraction of Terra Mitica for 2013.

Throughout Halloween, this attraction will be showing completely different adventures and at the same time, there are two new shows, full of terror: The Tomb and the Enchanted Forest.

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